Mobile Bartending Services for Any Event
The Mobile Barkeep

San Diego & Orange County's Premier Bartending Service

Whatever your needs are, we will be there!

We provide any service, from a wine & beer only event to full liquor bar service.


We are fully insured and have all the credentials required by city-owned and private wedding venues.  We can help you create your “his & hers” cocktails.  We will also design and print a cocktail menu for the bar to match the theme of your wedding.  

Birthday Party

From your child’s 1 year old birthday party to your grandparents 90th, we’d love to be a part of your event.  We do 300+ events a year and we specialize in being able to make any event special. 


We have many clients that invite us back each year for the anniversary parties.  We can help you recreate the drinks you had on your first date, or at your wedding.  Where was your first date or your favorite restaurant? Let us know and we can recreate their cocktails for your celebration. 

New Years

New Years can be crazy.  But that’s ok.  All of our bartenders have experience in high-volume environments and can take care of your guests with ease.  10 guests approach the bar at once….no problem.  Want 50 shots for all your friends at midnight…no problem.  We thrive in fast-paced environments.  Let us take care of your guests, so you can enjoy your party.  

Themed Party

Halloween Parties with spooky cocktails.  Speakeasy Parties with classic cocktails.  Hawaiian themed parties with fruity, tiki drinks.  Want to do a tequila party and want more than just regular margaritas, let us know.   We will create a cocktail menu for your event that will ensure you will get compliments from your guests.  

Art Gallery Event

Feeling classy and hosting an art show? Give us a call. We will be there to make sure your guests are treated professionally and in a subtle manner as to retain the integrity and ambiance of your show.  

All of our bartenders are:

  • Professionals in the field with, at least, over 10 years of bartending experience each

  • Will be professionally dressed for your event

    • Standard Attire: White Dress Shirt, Black Tie, Black Vest, Black Pants

    • Modern Attire:   Black Dress Shirt, Black Pants, Tie

    • Themed with Party:  Hawaiian, Disco, 80’s, etc.

  • All currently work in fine dining establishments and offer exceptional service

  • Carry current California Food Handlers Cards

  • TiPS Alcohol Serving Certification

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