Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the normal process to book your services?

– First, visit our “contact” page and fill out as much information as you can and we will contact you within 24 hours.

– After the details of the event are agree upon, we will send a formal quote and need a 50% deposit to hold the date, the remaining balance will be due upon the conclusion of the event. We prefer to have payment in cash, money order or cashiers check (no personal checks). We can take paypal or credit cards through PayPal if necessary.

– After the deposit is received, we will begin to work with you to make sure the bar at your event runs smoothly. Depending on the service agreed upon, we will begin working with you to create a shopping list, cocktail list/menu, etc.

How far in advance should I book the event?

– We prefer to book 6+ weeks in advance to be sure we can properly service your event. Please be advised that our busiest times are May – August and November to December. Bookings during these times may need 2-3 months notice.

– Occasionally we have last minute cancellations so please don’t hesitate to ask. We may be able to provide services last minute.

Can you create a custom cocktail menu?

– Yes! Give us a little guidance and we will create 3-4 speciality cocktails for your event.

– Cocktails that help fit the theme of your party.

– Cocktails that include your favorite ingredients.

-Cocktails for birthdays or weddings that are special for the guests of honor.

Are you licensed?


– Effective August of 2022, all persons serving alcohol must be RBS (Responsible Beverage Service) by the state of California’s Alcohol Beverage Control. We are all certified. You can verify certification of any person by looking up their certificate number on the ABC’s website.

– We are only providing a service. We are not selling alcohol. A license is only required to sell alcohol. This is the reason we cannot do the shopping for you and all beverages must be provided by the party host. So as long as the party is private and you are NOT charging a “admission fee,” no liquor license is required.

– All of our bartenders are TiPS (To insure Proper Service) certified. This is a specific training for bartenders to inform them of all the issues that can arise with the service of alcohol. This includes recognizing signs of intoxication, proper checking of identification, how to properly handle intoxicated guests.

– All of our bartenders are also ServSafe certified for Food Handling. This ensures that the bartenders understand the issues that can arise from cross contamination, cleanliness of the workstation and keeping sanitary working conditions.

Are you insured?

– Yes, our bartenders are insured with personal liability insurance and liquor liability insurance

– But…your event is not insured. The easiest way to do this is to contact your own insurance and add temporary one-day event insurance.

What if I need to change the date of the event or cancel?

– If you need to change the date to an earlier date, and we are available to still service your event, there will be no fee. We will simply change the date on the contract and proceed as planned.

– If you need to change the date to a later date, and this change is made with at least a months notice of the original booking date, and we are available to still service your event, there will be no fee.. We will simply change the date on the contract and proceed as planned.

– If you need to change the date to a later date, and this change is made three weeks before the date of the original event, there will be an additional 20% charge. A new contract will be created and the full fee + 25% will then be due as a deposit. This is because, our bartenders do this professionally and it is their livelihood. Cancelling an event or moving an event at the last minute will most-likely render them “unemployed” for a weekend and directly effect their means of support for their families.

– If you simply need to cancel the event, your deposit will be forfeited and we will sign the appropriate documents to cancel the event.

Will there be an additional service charge or mandatory tip required?

– We believe that tips should reflect the level of service we provide, and therefore are NOT mandatory.

– Unless other arrangements are made, our bartenders will place a tip jar out at the event.

– Some event hosts request our bartenders remove the tip jar, and will instead agree to take care of the tip themselves.