Why Hire A Professional Event Bartender?

3 Reasons

Why Hire A Professional Event Bartender?

Top 3 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Event Bartender

Whether it’s your wedding, birthday party or a holiday get-together, if you want to impress your guests and also alleviate some of your stress, the best avenue is to hire a professional event bartender.  When it’s one hour into the event, you’re mingling with your friends and you catch yourself thinking “did i get enough beer?”, you will look over and realize that you’re in good hands and you have nothing to worry about.  You can enjoy your event and rest assured that your guests are well taken care of.

Reason #1:  Professionalism & Safety

One main responsibility of a bartender is to ensure that alcohol is served safely and legally.  Some aspects of this are:

  • Ensuring that only guests of legal drinking age are served – regardless of friends of family, in the United States, the legal age for serving alcohol is 21.  Nobody under 21 years of age should ever be served or consume alcohol.  Serving alcohol to a minor is a severe liability.  You must remember  that if there is an injury or accident, the person who served the alcohol or made it available, is liable.  The parent who decides to be the “cool mom” on the block and let the underage kids drink is leaving herself exposed to the risk of a lawsuit and/or criminal prosecution.   If a drunk, underage guests leaves your party and gets into a car accident, that is your responsibility.   Therefore, you need a professional bartender to ensure that no minors are served at your event.
  • Ensuring that guests do not reach a level of over-intoxication – Yes, we all want to have a good time.  But an over-served guest can become a nuisance and liability to yourself and the rest of your guest. It’s in everybody’s best interest to have a professional bartender to politely and professionally monitor your guests consumption.
  • Create a great atmosphere for you and your guests – It’s no secret that bartenders are the therapists of the hospitality industry.  They are social butterflies, can shoot the bull on any topic and can adapt their attitude and demeanor for each individual guest and party.  Bartenders are social chameleons.  I’m sure your brother Johnny might think he’s a bartender because he makes “a stiff margarita” at home sometimes, but will he be able to be professional and socialize with your guests?  Will he be able to make other cocktails that guests request?  Will he know the proper sanitary procedures to ensure your drinks are prepared in a healthy method?
  • Offer advice and expertise – Your event bartender can help you with any questions you may have.  They can usually provide you with a shopping list so you can purchase the right ingredients and the right quantity of those ingredients for the cocktails you want to offer your guests.

Reason #2:  Quality of the Cocktails

qEverybody wants the guests to leave and rave about the great time and fantastic cocktails they had.  As hinted to above, you could ask your brother johnny to bartend your holiday party. After all, he always has stocked bar at home and seems to drink a lot.   But what you may not be aware of is, Johnny only drinks whiskey on the rocks and has no idea how to mix a cocktail.   Johnny, also makes his margaritas by putting 4 oz of Tequila and a squeeze of lime in a glass because he likes his drinks “stiff.”  Cocktails are exactly like the food you consume.  A recipe of proportions must be followed to make a tasty and enjoyable cocktail.  Even something as simple as a vodka-soda can be ruined by a bartender not knowing how much vodka and how much soda to mix.   To make a simple comparison, think of the last time you had french fries.  It’s a simple thing. Fried pieces of potato.  But in a sense, it’s a little tricky.  How big should the fries be? How long should it be fried for?  At what temperature should the oil be?  How much salt should the fries be tossed with?

Your professional bartenders know the proportions and recipes. Your professional bartenders know how to roll with the punches and figure out a way to make your guests happy.  For example, maybe your bar is only set up for simple drinks (vodka-soda, vodka-cran, etc) and you have a guest request a lemon drop.  Johnny might say “we can’t make that, we don’t have sweet and sour.”  But your hired professional bartender would say “I can squeeze some fresh lemons and get some sugar from the coffee station and whip you up a fresh lemon drop!”  When it comes down to it, bartending is a profession and with that experience comes a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Reason #3:  Ability to Adapt

What makes a professional event bartender different from a bartender at your favorite restaurant? Simple.  The ability to be flexible and adapt to any situation.

  • Tools & Supplies – Your professional event bartender will have all his own bar tools and supplies.  Maybe even his own portable bar.  Odds 100-to-1, if you asked the bartender at your favorite restaurant if they could come bartend your party, they would show up with only a shaker and wine key in hand.   Your event bartender will be supplied with:
    • Spill Mats
    • Garnish Trays
    • Shakers/Strainers/Spoons
    • Peelers
    • Juicers
    • Portable Bar
    • Ice Chests
  • Adapt to Any Surroundings – Sticking with the comparison above, your neighborhood restaurant bartender is very comfortable behind his bar where there is a dishwasher, hot running water, a never-ending supply of ice and glassware, alcohol always readily available.  But like the State Farm Insurance Ad, your professional event bartender “knows a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.” Here are some examples of things an event bartender routinely encounters:
    • Showing up and the host forgot to buy some ingredients
    • Showing up and there is NO ICE and you have to get ice and rapidly chill beer and wine
    • Bartending with a smile while standing in the rain
    • Bartending with a smile while standing in a puddle of mud because a sprinkler pipe broke right next to the bar at this beautiful outdoor wedding venue
    • Running out of ingredients and having to change the bar menu during the event and ensure guests still get a great cocktail.
    • Being told that you need to fill 120 glasses of champagne for a toast that will happen in 10 minutes….and making it happen
    • Having to bus tables and clean up trash because the food servers decided to leave the event early

When it comes down to it, by hiring a professional event bartender, you will be making a commitment to your guests that they will have a great time and great cocktails.  You’re also doing yourself a favor by giving yourself a chance to enjoy the party that you spend so much time planning.

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